NBA 2K19


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When you’re asked to launch the most significant sports title there is…on it’s 20th anniversary… you have to create something beyond the conventions of game launches. It wasn’t enough to simply launch the NBA 2K19 installment – we created a 20-year retrospective exhibition and rich gameplay experience.

Players were invited to relive the nostalgia of earlier years and experience the heritage of the game they love.

This laid the groundwork for a stunning transition to the present through a 2K19 cover athlete LeBron James themed infinity tunnel, to the main arena, where Gamers, Press, Influencers and VIP’s could experience the 2K19 gameplay, ahead of release. The night was capped off with an exclusive live performance from 2K19 soundtrack curator, Travis Scott.

In the end, the experience was a journey from the glorious past to the groundbreaking present, bringing together all parts of the gaming, music and sports communities while setting the scene for the NBA2K’s ongoing cultural resonance in years to come.

LeBron James Statue at 2KGames Launch Party