Doing what we can.

Where we can, when we can.


Unfortunately, events are notorious for creating waste. From disposable plates and cups, to one-time-use signage, it’s no secret that dumpsters often overflow after teardown. The waste is unintentional, but it’s an undeniable bi-product of experiential marketing. Everyone is part of the problem – and we know that includes us!

We’re reminded of the disposability every time we step foot in our warehouse. Banners that are instantly outdated, assets that are discarded, printed collateral destined for the trash. We don’t want to contribute to the problem, but we’re aware that we have. It’s time for a change. There’s only so much we can do – after all, there will always be dated collateral and such – but we can certainly do something.

So, the NRG team did what we do best. We brainstormed. We organized. We planned. We committed. We developed simple, real-world standards that we can stand behind. No outrageous claims. Just good old-fashioned personal and corporate responsibility with the goal of – pardon our language – dumping less shit:)


We aren’t always going to be sustainable saints, but we are going to try our best.

Our sustainable event management practices will help us minimize resource use – minimize our impact on our planet. We’ll strive to keep waste out of the landfills, water in the reserves, and energy usage to a minimum. We will partner with our clients to promote sustainable practices and initiatives.

We want to do our part. We love this world, too. It’s time to take responsibility.

When possible, we’ll:

1. Buy less – buy better.

2. Re-use, repurpose and recycle.

3. Seek out simple sustainable substitutes .

4. Use soy based inks, if printing is a must.

5. Carpool or use mass transit.

6. Rent electric cars where available.

7. Add compost / recycle options at events.

8. Promote water conservation.

9. Partner with local vendors and staff.

10. Contribute 1% to the planet; support Heal the Bay and Surf Rider.